I’m a thirty-something wife to a wonderful (but high maintenance) husband, Daniel and full-time mum to three gorgeous (and equally high maintenance) girls, twins Amelie and Isabella and baby Scarlett. I love fashion, beauty and all things pretty and am a self-confessed shopaholic!

Transitioning from an ambitious city girl in my twenties to a full-time wife and mother in my thirties has not always been an easy journey for me. The one constant thing for me has been a determination not to lose my sense of style regardless of where life takes me. Not wanting to be lured into the trap of only going for ‘practical’ or ‘comfortable’ clothes I’m forever trying to track down clothes that tick those boxes but also make me feel good about myself and a little like the ambitious city girl that is still in me somewhere. I’ve accepted that the sky high heels are a no go now and a cute little clutch just won’t cut it anymore but I’ve not given up on glamour altogether just yet.


Obviously with three little ladies in my life I spend just as much time checking out little girls clothes and accessories and am loving watching my twins start to develop their own sense of style (even if it is cringeworthy at times!).

Having trained with Study In Style I am now a qualified Professional Image Consultant and am passionate about helping others find confidence with their own sense of style and feel great.  From finding the perfect colours to compliment your natural skin tone, working with you to highlight your best features and disguise the areas you don’t love so much to helping you to develop your personal style so it works for all aspects of your lifestyle I will guide you through.  I can also help you clear out your wardrobe and create a capsule wardrobe so you feel confident you can always find and put together a great outfit.  Or maybe you need help with finding that perfect outfit for a special occasion?  I’m here to help because I think everybody is entitled to feel the best they can.  It’s an investment in yourself that will save you time and money in the long run as you can spend less and wear more.  Rather than wasting any more time staring into your wardrobe and having nothing to wear, I want to help feel excited about getting dressed in the morning!

Kelly xx