Wild Thing

It seems everywhere I look at the moment there is leopard print in some shape or form so it is clearly a key trend for this autumn/winter, but the question is are you brave enough to embrace it?  I personally have a secret penchant for a little leopard print but in the past it has … Continue reading Wild Thing

DIY Holiday Prep

So we all like to go on holiday feeling as preened and gorgeous as possible.  This may include plucking, waxing, tinting, eyelash extensions, manicure, pedicure, gel nails, sunbeds, fake tan, spray tan, hair cut, hair extensions, highlights, low-lights, balayage, exfoliating, moisturising..........It can be a busy and time-consuming task getting ready for a holiday, that's before … Continue reading DIY Holiday Prep

Espadrille Fever

This week I ventured into town with the intention of buying some much needed flat black leather shoes for everyday wear whatever the weather.....very sensible indeed!  So that was the brief but true to form I came home with something completely different.  And considering this grim weather we are experiencing I might be forgiven for … Continue reading Espadrille Fever