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So it’s the start of a new year year and that usually means a host of New Years resolutions (that you’ll probably break by February), feeling festively stuffed and vowing to shed half your body weight by the summer and hitting the January sales for some must-have bargains. There is no argument that there are some great bargains to be had but before you go steaming in, here are a few tips to help you be sales savvy.

1. Declutter your wardrobe first.
January is always a good time to have a clear out and your wardrobe is a good place to start. If you want to get some new clothes in the sales then you have to make sure there’s room for some new additions. It’s also a good opportunity to remind yourself of what you have in there and what gaps you’d like to fill. It’s also time to be ruthless and chuck out the clothes that you haven’t worn in the last year! If you didn’t wear it last year then realistically you aren’t likely to wear it this year. If your wardrobe is full and you can’t make some room in your closet for some new clobber then do you really need more clothes?

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2. Shop your wardrobe.
Once you have edited your wardrobe and now have a bit of space, you should have a better idea of what you’ve actually got in there and where your gaps are. Remind yourself of what items of clothes you love, what works for you and what sort of items would compliment what you have in there already. Maybe you have thrown out some old blazers during the declutter process and could do with adding a new one or maybe you have a wealth of tops but are lacking in the trousers/skirt department. You may now also be able to see where you have items of clothes that you haven’t worn because you haven’t got anything to go with them? Make a note of it as there is no point duplicating what you have in your wardrobe already, instead you want to coordinate with what you already have so you can have a fully functioning wardrobe that works for you.

3. Don’t be seduced by price.
We all love a bargain! Let’s face it, we overpay for so much these days so it’s great to feel like we are really getting value for money sometimes. However, how often have you bought something just because it was at a bargain price and then it has sat in your wardrobe forever more, never worn, because it doesn’t really fit/doesn’t suit you/doesn’t go with anything else in your wardrobe/you’ve never had the right occasion to wear it……. So yes it was a bargain but in actual fact it’s a false economy as it was just more money down the drain and is just taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. If it was something you had your eye on before it went into the sale then great. If you truly like it and know that it will work with your wardrobe and your style then result. A general rule is that if you wouldn’t have paid full price for it pre-sale then chances are you don’t like it enough to buy it discounted (*that Mulberry bag you’ve been admiring for the last 6 months doesn’t count – as soon as that’s in the sale you snap it up!).

4. Make sure you love it.
I impress this upon every client that I work with as it’s so important. If you only bought items of clothing that you really loved then you would have a wardrobe full of things you love to wear and wouldn’t that be a great feeling? I’ve been so guilty of this in the past, but we see a bargain and think ‘yeah that’s ok and a good price’ so we buy it/add to cart. If it’s just ‘ok’ then when you wear it you will feel ‘ok’. Don’t you want to feel ‘great’ instead? Be fussy! Buy less but love what you do buy.

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Happy shopping!

Kelly xxx

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