Why I Love Lulu

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to a preview of the Lulu Guinness SS18 to see the new season bags and shoes.  As a big fan of Lulu Guinness I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go and lust over her latest collection.  I absolutely love her quirky style and as I have a real penchant for anything with red lips on (as anyone who follows me on Instagram will know) Lulu Guinness really appeals to me.  Her style is fun and very distinctive which means you can wear her apparel and it is recognisable without having to have her name blatantly scrawled across anything.  Her products tend to vary from classic styles with small quirky details to full on fun designs so they have a broad appeal.

If like me you love to wear black then it’s really easy to add some Lulu to your outfit to make it more interesting and feminine.  She loves to add dashes of pink and red and this season she has really gone bold with those colours to create a vibrant and striking collection for Spring.  However, if you are not one to be brave with colour (and lets face it, many of us aren’t) then you’ll be pleased to know you can still join in the Lulu fun with more understated accessories in black with just a signature detail.

I adore her shoe collection.  I generally live in jeans so love to dress a pair of jeans up for a night out by adding a statement pair of shoes and Lulu Guinness certainly knows how to deliver. statement shoe.  Below are my favourites from the new collection.  These mules are gorgeous, the leather looks soft and the heel height is perfect for those of us who can just about manage to walk in a mid heel (since becoming a mum gone are my days of teetering around in 3 inch heels all day) and the front of the shoe comes far enough up the foot that it should stay securely on your foot if you are rushing around (me – always!!).  I love the pink and red but I think I shall probably be investing in the black and white as for my personally they will be a little more versatile.


As far as the bags go, again the range caters for a variety of women from those who are more reserved but love a little bit of quirkiness to those who want their bag to really make a statement and for women who love a small clutch with just enough space for their phone and lipgloss to women who pretty much carry their entire life around in their handbag (I usually fall into the latter – comes with being a mum!).


I was a little disappointed not to see any clothes at this event but certainly enjoyed having a browse at the shoes and bags as well as the talk and Q&A session from Bloggers/Vloggers the Collyer Twins.  Unfortunately there were no items there to buy on the day but their Covent Garden store was just around the corner for anyone desperate to get their hands on something from the new collection.  I’ve made my mental shopping list already and will be treating myself to a little more Lulu in due course and I’d definitely recommend you take yourself over to her website, or down to the store to see how you can fit some Lulu Guinness into your life!


Kelly xxx

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