5 Ways To Wear (Faux) Fur

Fur is a trend that I think is like marmite and not so much a trend, more an annual event as each Autumn/Winter we see it in various shapes and forms.  However, this year it is bigger than ever with more ways to add it to your winter wardrobe than you can shake a stick at.  Whether you are a classic dresser and want to stick to traditional fur touches like a full fur collar on your coat or you are more adventurous and bohemian and want something with a more modern twist and eye catching colour then this is the year for you.  I believe fur can work for everyone whether you are a toe-dipper or fancy yourself as the next Cruella DeVille (minus the bad smoking habit and dodgy hairdo)!  So here are my top 5 ways to wear fur this season:

The Fur Coat

I’ll start with fur coats as this is one of the biggest and probably easiest ways to wear fur.  Short boxy styles in varying colours are all over the highstreet and of course you can go sleeveless with a gilet too.  Here are some of my favourites.


The Fur Scarf

If a full fur coat is a bit too scary a prospect for you then a fur scarf/stole is a really great way to dress up a plain coat and you can really have some fun with it.  There is such an array of fabulous colours available so you can pick a style and colour to reflect your personality and mood.


The Fur Bag

Maybe bags are your thing?  Whether you love a large tote or small clutch you have certainly been catered for this year!


Furry Footwear

The shoe lovers amongst us will no doubt already be well aware that furry footwear is all the rage right now.  I’m not talking cosy boots but more fancy heels or if your budget can stretch to it then it has to be the much coveted Gucci fur mules (Santa I promise I’ve been good this year).  I think this has to be one of my favourite ways to wear fur as its subtle but fun and can really add a different and interesting dynamic to even the plainest of outfits.


The Subtle Fur Touches

So outerwear is the most common way to add fur to your wardrobe but what if you want to be a bit more subtle?  Well never fear, there are some great clothing items out there with fur touches so you can dip your toe into this trend without too much commitment.


There is also a fab new retailer on the market who specialises in faux fur accessories making it so super simple to add touches of fur to any outfit, from fur hairbands to pompoms to wrist cuffs – Ufurria.

So there are my key 5 ways to wear fur this season and hopefully I’ve given you enough inspiration to add something fluffy to your wardrobe.  Below is a coat I have fallen in love with from H&M and my number one recommendation if I have convinced you enough to take the plunge.  I’d love to know how you feel about fur and to hear of any great fur finds you’ve made.



Kelly xxx

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