A Tropical Oasis

Yesterday was the first day back to school for my twins and so I decided to take my shopping buddy (Scarlett – 22 months old) for a trip into town for a little retail therapy.  I was hoping to get a couple of new season pieces to add some colour to my wardrobe.  As an autumn colouring I’m looking for mustards and khakis, maybe some burnt orange to inject a bit life into my dark winter wardrobe.

I’m pleased to report that most of the sales had finished.  I’m not a big fan of the sales.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain, but I’m not much of a rummager these days.  When you generally have a toddler in tow on all shopping expeditions you quickly develop a system of walking around a store at an up tempo pace whilst scanning the rails for something that grabs your attention and justifies the effort of making it as far as the fitting room.  So the notion of standing still and rifling through the reduced section, while your accomplice pulls over anything within reach, just isn’t going to happen.

Most of the shops have new stock in for spring so colour options are more abundant and the shops just feel far more cheery.  That said, if you are not much of a cold shoulder fan then your choices are a little more limited as it felt like everything I picked up was some sort of variation on the cold shoulder trend.  Cheesecloth checks are still stocked heavily and stripes are also still very much alive and well so don’t pack away those Bretons just yet.  However, they are now looking far more summary in the form of dresses, tie-front blouses and there are even a fair few striped trousers for the more adventurous among us (I normally steer clear of patterned trousers but might actually invest in a pair of stripes this year – I’m throwing caution to the wind).

So what about the colours.  Well I really had one stand out winner on the colour front and that has to be Oasis.  Walking into the Oasis store was like walking into an urban tropical paradise!  They have such a variety of colour in-store at the moment, from cute, soft pastels to bold, vibrant colours, that you would be hard pushed not to find something in a colour that suits you.  And with lots of dresses, camis and cardigans they have made it really easy to mix and match a lot of their range.  As for the prints, they have a lot of bold tropical prints as well as paisleys, floral and bird prints.  I used to shop in Oasis quite a lot but haven’t bought that much in there over the last couple of years as I’ve steered towards more quirky shops like Zara and Stradivarius but I was very pleasantly surprised with their new season stock.  Oasis generally do tailoring well so is a good choice for those that like their clothes fitted but not always the best place for finding something oversized or a little more masculine.  Whilst they still have some blacks, navy and metallic on offer to appeal to the rock chic in some of us, the spring range is very femine and pretty and bursting with colour.


But hey, we’ve seen a glimpse of sun recently so no doubt most of us have already started considering how we are going to shed those excess winter pounds we’ve put on, have started layering on the fake tan and thinking about our summer wardrobes so if it’s colour and pattern you are looking for or some pretty additions to feminise your spring wardrobe then I would definitely recommend checking out Oasis in the next few weeks.


Kelly xx

Nb. This post is my independant opinion and in no way sponsored by Oasis.


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