The Quest For The Perfect Pair

I’m talking trousers!  As a self confessed jean junkie I have recently come to realise that jeans are pretty much the foundation for all of my outfits.  I have an abundance of them in my wardrobe from skinny to bootcut and dark wash to faded denim.  I literally have a pair for every occasion.  But occasionally I go through a spell where I suddenly decided I’m going to have a change and I might decide I’m going to wear more dresses or skirts.  So I usually hit the shops and pick up some lovely dresses/skirts, feeling really excited about really mixing up my wardrobe and having a bit of a fashion make-over…………fast forward to a couple of weeks later and I’m back in the jeans……..every day (and those dresses are already feeling neglected in the wardrobe)!

So why do I keep going back?  It’s like an addiction that I just can’t break or a bad relationship that I can’t walk away from because I’m frightened of making the break.  Jeans are just so versatile but if I’m really honest, they are just the height of my comfort zone.  I know where I am with jeans and I know how to style them.  But I really do want a change and I’ve realised that in the past I’ve just gone at it too gung-ho when I should have taken baby steps.  I’ve come to understand that, whilst I do like a skirt on occasion, I’m just more comfortable in jeans or trousers.  So it’s time to come up with some great alternative to jeans that can work for everyday wear and actually, once I started looking, I found there are some great alternatives on the highstreet right now.  So here are some of my favourites.

The smart joggers.  I’ve never been one for tracksuits (although I do confess to owning one of those famous velour tracksuits that were all the rage a few years back but I save that for the privacy of my own home), but the current trend for smart joggers is one I can really buy into.  Joggers have really had a make over and now come in some fantastic fabrics and a much more feminine cut meaning you can dress them down or dress them up but either way you’ll look on trend and not like you’re on your way to the gym!


Then there are the peg trousers.  I was dubious at first as I’m sure my mum wore these in the 90’s but I’ve definitely been converted.  As someone who loves all things high waisted these are perfect for me.  You do have to be a little careful with finding the right cut for your body shape as there is a slight danger of looking like you’re wearing a ‘sack done up in the middle’ as my nan would say.  I prefer a slightly straighter cut which is a bit more flattering and would team them with a more snug fitting top so as not to have too much excess fabric going on but I have really grown to love these style of trousers.  Again they come in such a variety of fabrics and colours and look great teamed with either smart flats or a tennis style trainer.


And finally, my personal favourite, the cigarette trouser.  I love this style of trouser because I think it is so flattering and reminds me of some of the starlets back in the day like Audrey Hepburn (my idol!).  They are timeless and classic, feminine and versatile.  I love they way they sit just above the ankle (for me that’s about as much leg as I usually want on show) and they look great with nearly any style of top.  I particularly like ones that have a side zip so they flatter your shape that little bit more too.  They are great with a pretty pair of flats but equally look fab with a pair of heels for a work or a night out.  These are definitely a wardrobe staple for me now.


So without too much effort I have already identified three main contenders to compete with my beloved denims and that’s enough to be getting on with for now.  I’m going to try and be more adventurous with my slacks and go on a denim-diet.  Wish me luck!

Kelly xx

Oasis Peg Trousers

Oasis Sporty Trousers

Zara Skinny Trousers

Mango Peg Trousers

Stradivarius Cigarette Trousers

ASOS Peg Trousers





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