Let New Adventures Begin

Happy new year!  It’s January and it’s the best time for resolutions, fresh starts and new adventures and mine has started with all three!  I can safely say this has been the most excited I have been to start a new year in a long time.  So I just had to share with you and hopefully this blog most might also explain why I have been so elusive over the last couple of months.

Despite all the usual resolutions like drinking more water, eating healthier and marrying Tom Hardy etc etc I have also made some new resolutions this year and they are slightly more selfish than normal.  This year I have decided to step out of my comfort zone more and also to make this ‘MY’ year.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to start neglecting my children (you can hang up to child line right now!), it just means that after 7 years of focusing solely on my gorgeous girls I am now going to start chasing a few goals of my own.  As well as being a wife and a mother, I want a career too and this year I am determined to make that happen.

I’ve yearned for a career again for such a long time but the timing has never been right and then (after applying for countless jobs last year) I discovered that having so much time off to start and raise a family (nurturing our next generation of workers) has made me pretty unemployable.  Humph!  A spanner in my works and a big knock to my confidence! So after licking my wounds for a bit and after then getting some invaluable advice from a friend I re-evaluated my options and decided to try something completely different.  I decided to follow a new career path in something that I could be passionate about and really put my heart into……..I decided to become an Image Consultant and help other women (and men) to feel great about the way they look, to feel happy and confident and to embrace their own style.  I’ve always loved clothes and fashion and experimenting with style so it seemed the perfect fit for me.  And so the training began.  In addition to this I also signed up to become a MyShowcase Personal Stylist providing a personal beauty service offering skincare and cosmetics as it worked perfectly alongside my Image Consultant training and would compliment the service I wanted to give………so I was embarking on a career talking to people about style, clothes, shopping, skincare and make-up……….all of my passions tied up with a bow!


A new year and a fantastic new beginning.  So now the scary part begins!  Having never run a business before or had to work on marketing or anything like that I still have lots of learning ahead of me but that is all part of the fun.  We are over half way through January and I’m embracing the challenge and I’m saying ‘yes’ to as many new opportunities and challenges as I can (without it impacting on my cherubs too much). I’m no longer using them as an excuse to say ‘I can’t’, instead I’m finding solutions wherever possible.  And already this month I have met lots of lovely ladies by holding two Showcases, attending a lovely networking group and also by speaking at an Inner Wheel Group which was a scary prospect and something I didnt expect to be doing quite so soon but an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.  So far Ive managed to juggle it around my girls and have been lucky enough to have a great support network.  I have my moments where Im utterly terrified of starting this new adventure and the uncertainty of where it may or may not lead and I’m totally out of my comfort zone but I’m loving every second of it.  This is probably the longest I’ve ever stuck to a new years resolution but I intend to see this one through.

Kelly xx

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