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It seems everywhere I look at the moment there is leopard print in some shape or form so it is clearly a key trend for this autumn/winter, but the question is are you brave enough to embrace it?  I personally have a secret penchant for a little leopard print but in the past it has had a certain stigma attached to it.  For so many years it was a key look for Bet Lynch (in Coronation Street) and that wasn’t always a style that the wider population wanted to emulate.  And then in more recent years one of our much loved Eastenders characters adopted animal print (and red lipstick) as her signature look and as much as we all loved her, few of us wanted to dress like her.  Whenever I have been shopping with my husband and picked out anything at all in animal print he immediately mocks me and calls me Kat Moon!  But this year it seems anyone who’s anyone is adding some leopard print to their wardrobe and with so much variety on the highstreet it’s up to you whether you dip your toe or go full on feline!  Here are some of my favourite picks from the highstreet.

Marks & Spencer never really fail to disappoint me where their footwear range is concerned and whether you want something flat and comfy for the school run or fierce and fabulous for a night out you won’t be disappointed with their offering.  Below is a lovely pair of trainers which are perfect for adding a bit of character to your outfit whilst still being casual and comfortable (but I’d recommend sizing up as I tried these on last week and they come up a little snug) and these heels look super gorgeous on.  They are a bit on the high side but a friend of mine was wearing them recently and assures me that because they are part of the Insolia range they are actually quite comfortable (but I’ll let you be the judge of that).


Or maybe (if you are anything like me) winter is all about boots, boots and more boots and Next have a great pair of leopard chelsea boots on offer.


If it’s a jacket/coat you are after then Boden have a luxurious looking smart coat in full on leopard print but so much classier than anything you’ve seen on our much loved soap stars!  It’s in a very ‘on trend’ straight cut and would make a lovely statement coat for your winter wardrobe.  However, if you consider yourself to be more of a rock chick with an edgier style then this Zara jacket might be more up your street.


Not feeling brave enough for leopard print outerwear then maybe a a blouse like this pretty one from Topshop, or a smart, understated little jumper like this one from Warehouse.


The options right now seem endless and almost every fashion retailer seems to be doing something in leopard print right now so this is just a very limited pick of some that I’ve seen.  And obviously you may just want to start by trying this print in the form of a scarf so you can try out this trend without throwing yourself in at the deep end. Or maybe you like it but are not ready to leave the house in leopard print so a onesie could be for you and I have to confess that I do own a soft leopard print onesie (as a gift from my animal-print-phobic husband I might add) but I’m afraid I will not be sharing photos with you on this occasion so you’ll have to take my word for it.

So here we are in autumn/winter 2016 and this year it looks like this is a trend that is just going to keep on coming back around so the big question is: do you run for the hills?  Or do you finally admit defeat and embrace your inner feline?


Kelly xxx

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