Dress For The Mood You Want To Be In

We all have those mornings where we wake up feeling a bit ‘meh’.  The mornings where we wake up feeling like we just can’t get our engines going, we just can’t face the day and/or we wished we could just hibernate under our duvet all day and pray that we wake up in a better mood tomorrow.  Unfortunately for most of us we don’t have the option of staying in bed and waiting for the day to pass, we have jobs to go to, children to get to school, errands to run and a list of boring jobs to do.

This week I woke up in one of those moods.  I actually woke up feeling hungover and after mentally reprimanding myself for not resisting that second/third/fourth glass of red wine last night I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had a drink for at least 4 days!  A hangover without the alcohol is one of natures cruelest jokes – where is the justice?!  None the less, that’s how I felt  and try as I might to hide under my duvet and hope nobody noticed my absence, my daughters found me and insisted I get up and get ready for the school run (killjoys).

So then here lies the dilemma……….1) I live less than 5 minutes walk from the school so I could do the unthinkable and do the school run in my pyjamas (and any fellow mum’s who disown me clearly weren’t true friends to start with anyway!)……..or 2) I pull myself together, get showered and throw on some comfy clothes, make myself fairly presentable and take the girls to school (definitely my children’s preferred option and less likely to get me thrown off the PTA).   But wait, maybe there is a third option and I have to confess that this is the option that I always go in favour of……….3) I pull myself together, get showered and then I go through my wardrobe and find something to wear that I know will make me feel good.  Now I’m not talking about granny underwear or comfy joggers type feel good, I’m talking about something pretty, maybe something colourful or something that just fits nice and makes me happy.  I find the best way to get over one of ‘those’ moods is to dress myself out of it.  It’s a really quick fix and can really lift my mood and put me in a more positive frame of mind to start the day.

So some of you may not be convinced but it doesn’t have to be a lot of effort.  You can get the same affect with some carefully chosen accessories.  Maybe you have a favourite black jumper and your go-to jeans……add a statement necklace or a favourite scarf……or even just put on some heels or a pair of shoes that you normally save for best.  Basically the key thing here is put on something you love, that makes you feel good and makes you look good.  It is an instant mood lifter.

If you dress for the mood you are in, your ‘scruffs’, your ‘I want to fade into the background’ clothes or your ‘borderline pyjamas style loungewear’ then you can usually assume that your mood will follow you around for the rest of the day.  It’s those days where making a little bit of extra effort can change your whole day.  I say, don’t dress for the mood you are in, dress for the mood you want to be in!  Give it a try.


Kelly xxx

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