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It’s been a while since my last blog and I have no excuse other than life just got in the way and then I lost my blogging mojo.  I’ve had a million ideas buzzing around in my head but have struggled to find the time to get it down in writing and when I do find the time I find my mind has gone blank.  Does anyone else go through phases like this?  Despite your best intentions you get caught up with all the mundane daily duties  and forget to make time to do the things you actually want to do?  Do you sometimes have so many things to do that you end up losing all motivation and find a whole morning has passed and all you’ve done is sit and watch This Morning?  Or maybe, like me, you have a degree in procrastination?  So I thought it might be apt to start back with talking about getting back on track and things I’ve tried to get myself and my family organised and my mind more focused on what I need to do and what I actually want do.

I’m going to start with the basics……….a calendar.  I would be absolutely lost without a calendar, a proper paper calendar that I can hang on the wall and flick through to see what’s coming up at a glance.  Yes I know you have a calendar on your phone and yes I know lots of people these days just use their phones as it’s always at hand but I guess I’m a bit old school.  I do try and keep my phone calendar up to date and I’ll come back to that but I also always keep a paper calendar as well.  And since my twins started school I’ve found a Family Calendar is a must have and I use one by a company called Organised Mum.  Their calendars show a week to view and have columns for up to 6 family members.  It also has a tear-off Things To Do list and a Shopping List for each week.  But the best bit is the clear plastic page that goes over the top of each week so if there is something that needs to be on the calendar every week then you can write it on the plastic sheet and it saves writing it on every week.  It also comes with colourful stickers for different events/reminders.  As I only need to use 5 columns I sometimes (on the rare occasion that I’m feeling uber organised) use the sixth column as a meal planner for the week.  Organised Mum also offer a range of other products such as calendars for children, diaries, budget planners etc.

So as I’ve mentioned, I do try to also keep my phone calendar up to date but mainly because I tend to send invites to my husband’for all diary entries so he can keep his calendar up to date and ensure he has no excuse for forgetting where I need him to be!

I used to love a good organiser/Filofax.  They are a great way to stay organised as they not only contain a diary but usually also come with To Do lists and you can buy additional inserts such as budget planners.  However, despite my bag getting bigger, I find I have increasingly less space in my bag as my brood has expanded so the Filofax unfortunately had to make way for wet wipes, snack boxes, random toys etc, etc, etc!  But I do miss my Filofax and would love to go back to having one when I can reclaim some of my handbag space.

One of my big loves is stationary.  I can’t help but be seduced but a pretty notepad with thick clean pages to write on, or a nice new notebook with an inspirational quote on the front (I have to get my kicks where I can).  I probably have notepads stuffed everywhere around the house all half full of lists, notes, things to remember……  My latest purchases are these really cute and colourful notebooks from Sainsburys.  In fact they have a huge range of beautiful and colourful stationary that I had to hold back and restrict myself to just two books.  The orange one is a great book for me for jotting down blog ideas and notes as is more of an exercise book and the green one is perfect for quick notes, shopping lists, to do lists etc and is an ideal size to shove into your bag as if you’re anything like me then you need to make lots of notes in order to remember ANYTHING (serious baby brain – how old does your baby have to be before you can stop using this excuse? – Got a feeling I’ll still be using it when I’m waving the girls off to university)!


Alternatively Wilkinson is a great place for a whole range of stationary.  They have several ranges of really colourful stationary and lots of matching desk accessories to make your work area nice and bright.

Finally I have to say one of my favourite items of stationary is a good old fashioned post-it note.  If you have lots of distractions (like 3 demanding children) then writing something down and sticking it to the fridge/wall/door/forehead is the only way you are going to remember everything and there is nothing more satisfying than peeling a note off the wall, screwing it up and throwing it in the bin when you’ve completed that particular task – a sad sense of satisfaction that you’ve at least achieved something today!

So now I’m all organised to get back into the swing of things…….famous last words!


Kelly xx

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