Spring Coats

If you are anything like me, the weather has suddenly changed and each morning you find yourself wondering what on earth to put on to do the school run/go to work/go shopping/generally go out gallivanting in?!  It was barely more than a week ago that we were all in big winter coats wondering when on earth Spring would actually arrive and then POW!  Suddenly it’s here.  How typically English of it.  But as always with our weather, there is no real consistency, not just from one day to the next but from one hour to the next.  One minute the sun is shining and you can feel the heat on your face and the next minute your teeth are chattering as the sun disappears and a cold wind bites you.  So what on earth kind of coat am I going to wear?  I was just about to pack away my winter coats but I’m far to scared to rely on my summer wardrobe to keep me warm.  So what is the answer?  I have been scouring the highstreet to find some of the best solutions in outerwear to keep us warm enough in the breeze but not so hot that we are wearing our own personal sauna.

It would seem the most obvious choice is the Mac.  I do love a nice fitted Mac.  They look smart, they can be very flattering to your shape and they go with most things.  So a bit of an all round winner.  And the good news is that there are lots on the market right now.  I bought a lovely one from Zara a few months ago (I have to confess I am  a bit in love with Zara and it is always my go-to shop for coats).  It’s a lovely material which is quite thick so it doesn’t crease easily unlike some thinner ones I’ve had in the past.  Zara have an amazing ability to produce coats that are tailored to perfection and just fit so nicely and this Mac is no exception.


Another one of my favourite Zara coats and one that I’ve found to be perfect for this ‘interim’ weather is this grey waterfall coat.  It’s warm but it’s not too thick and although it has a belt I prefer to wear it open as it just looks so much nicer undone and you can of course get away with wearing it open in this slightly warmer weather (just tie the belt at the back to create a bit of shape at the waist).  But on the colder days it looks just as good with nice scarf draped with it.  As for the colour, I’m loving grey this season and as it’s a light grey it’s perfect for the transition from winter to spring.



If you fancy something a little more casual then the bomber jacket is making a comeback.  The bomber is not a trend I was a big fan of in the 90s so I can’t see me falling for it this time around either but I know there are many out there who are embracing this trend.  I have, however, found this lovely, smarter bomber from & Other Stories that I could easily be persuaded to wear.

Now I am a sucker for a multiway piece of clothing that you can get more than one look from and I came across two gems recently.  Perfect Spring coats that you can adjust for a different look.  The first one is a reversible coat from Ted Baker.  It is available in two colour pairings but my favourite is the taupe as I love the soft pink reversed colour.

And COS have also come up with this great coat with a removable collar.  It’s such a gorgeous colour and I particularly love the collarless v-neck.

The other option which is ideal for Spring is a quilted jacket.  Generally showerproof they are probably the most sensible option to withstand the April showers….and May showers…..and June showers….  I have a couple of mid length ones from Joules that I bought last year and they are definitely well worn.  Unfortunately they don’t seem to be doing them anymore but they do still do a shorter version.  Only drawback is although they are showerproof they don’t have a hood, but hey they look good and that’s what really counts right?!

There are so many other options on the market that there really is no need to feel the chill or sweat your bits off.  So be brave, pack away your winter coats and treat yourself to a new spring jacket.

Kelly xx

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