The Faithful White Shirt

In my younger days, my corporate working days, a nice shirt was a wardrobe staple for me.  I loved a fitted white shirt with double cuff sleeves teamed with a nice pair of cufflinks and skirt suit (it was my strong, independent, power outfit).  Then I had children and my working life slipped away as did my love of shirts.  To me shirts were synonymous with working and didn’t seem to have a fitting place in my new role as a mum…….too smart, too many buttons when you have 2 minutes to get dressed and too fussy to iron when you are working your way through the Mount Kilamanjaro size ironing pile.  I also started to feel that shirts were a bit too masculine for me (along with brogues and tassel loafers).  So over the last few years I could probably count the number of shirts I’ve bought on one hand.  So now it would seem I’m totally out of fashion as shirts have come back in and are everywhere on the highstreet so maybe now is the time to rethink my attitude towards shirts?  Maybe they are not the enemy anymore?

So I’m going in slowly and dipping my toe back in with a simple white shirt.  And in my researching escapades I think I may have discovered the perfect white shirt to suit me and my wardrobe and get me back into a collar and cuffs.


This shirt from Matalan ticks all the boxes for me at the moment.  It is a nice thin material, not too stiff and and long enough that it is perfect to wear under a jumper so that it hangs nicely from under the jumper.  That was the brief I set out with so was thrilled to find a shirt that does the job perfectly.  But maybe this shirt could be more?  I’m starting to find that the humble white shirt could actually be a wardrobe staple again as it seems to go with a whole host of outfits to create many different looks.  On a recent night out one of my friends wore a similar white shirt with some burgundy skinny jeans, heels and a statement necklace.  It was simple but looked really great (although I should mention she is one of those friends who would look amazing and bang on trend even in a black sack).  So got me thinking how I might get more wear from my new purchase……..



Who knew a white shirt could be so versatile?  Ok maybe many of you already did but for me this is a revelation as until now I couldn’t envisage a shirt with anything other than a suit. Maybe I just lacked vision but now I’m pleased to say my white shirt hangs proudly in my wardrobe.

If a plain white shirt maybe isn’t your cup of tea or you would prefer something a bit softer/more feminine then there are lots of different styles out there to choose from.  Frills are big this season and you’ll find many retailers have ‘jazzed up’ shirts and jumpers with frill details.  Or you could opt for a chiffon fabric which always gives a more delicate, girly feel to a shirt and chiffon shirts look great under a plain jumper to dress the jumper up a bit.  Alternately go for an off white/ivory colour to again soften the look.  Here are a few more of my favourite picks from the highstreet.



Kelly xx

Links for shirts:

Marks & Spencer





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