Monogram Madness

It seems everywhere you go at the moment you can pick up something with your initials on so you have no excuse to forget your name (and believe me that does happen from time to time).  And I am definitely one of those people who have caught the monogram bug.  At the end of last year we had our cloakroom decorated and we made this a bit of a monogram oasis………

Now left to my own devices I would carry this on throughout the house as I love this whole ‘craze’ at the moment but my sensible husband has reigned me in.  But as there are so many lovely items on the market at the moment I want to share some of my favourites with you.

I think my monogram love started when I first saw these circus style lights from Next…….


I love these lights and I think they would be a real statement on the right wall. And Next have not stopped there, they have a huge range of letter products on offer at the moment.  They have mugs, candles, diffusers, wall hooks, cushions…….

I love the idea of the letter wall hooks and all having your own coat peg in the hall……I have no doubt the novelty would quickly wear off and my little cherubs would soon revert to leaving their coats on the hall floor but a girl can dream.

You can buy similar products from Matalan who also have quite an extensive range of monogram products on offer at the moment.

I love that Matalan have infused a bit more colour here with a range of really pretty mugs. However, I think my favourite products are these really cute and colourful hanging letters which I think would be perfect for my little girls’ bedrooms.

A shop I have grown to love over the last couple of years is Oliver Bonas.  It’s a really great shop to not only find great clothes but it also offers a whole range of unusual homewares and gifts so you can really find something a bit different.  They have these unusual gold letter ornaments but my favourite things are these initial fabric zip-up bags and they also sell matching pencil cases so perfect for students (or us mums who can never have too many bags for all the toot we have to carry around with us).

A shop that I only discovered at Christmas is Anthropology.  It’s a quirky little shop that sells women’s clothes and accessories but also a small range of home accessories.    My favourite products here would have to be the colourful monogrammed note books which are lovely for anyone who likes to make lots of notes or for people like me who HAVE to make lots of notes in order to remember anything important!

If you are looking for more of a bargain then one of my favourite monogram discoveries recently has to be this blanket.  It was love at first sight.  I loved the colour and thought it looked really classy so imagine my surprise to discover it was from George at ASDA.  At a mere £12 I think this has to be my bargain of the week.


Now I couldn’t talk about monograms without sharing with you one of my favourite bags (you’ll soon find out that bags are my passion) complete with my initials monogrammed on the front from The Cambridge Satchel Company.  They offer a huge range of satchels, traditional and modern, in a whole array of colours and you can have your chosen bag monogrammed while you wait.  I went old school and opted for a traditional style but they have so many to choose from that I think I may need to start a whole collection!


There are so many other great monogram products out there at the moment, I haven’t even touched on clothes or things for the little people so maybe that is a whole subject for another day.  In the meantime I’d love to know of any monogram gems you may have uncovered?

Happy Easter.


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