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As there has been so much in the press lately about some mums wearing pyjamas on the school run, I thought it was only fitting that I write a little blog about some of the gorgeous pyjamas on the market at the moment because if you’re going to do it then you may as well do it in style eh?!  Now I’m not one of those mums who does the school run in their pyjamas but I’m certainly not judging anyone that does, I’m just more of a ‘full face of make-up before I can face the world’ kind of girl. However, I often LOVE to get into my pjs as soon as the kids go to bed and I love this whole new ‘loungewear’ thing that’s going on where we basically get to wear pyjamas but under the disguise of a different name so we can feel less guilty about wearing them so much.  I personally love jersey style pyjamas and a full length trouser.  To me they are just the ultimate comfort clothes for indoors.  Top-wise I’m happy to mix it up a bit and will go for anything from a sweater top, to a shirt style top to a little vest.

For Christmas I got a couple of really gorgeous, traditional style (trousers and shirt style) pyjama sets from Victoria’s Secret and I have certainly had my wear out of them already.  They have been so comfy and wash up really well and also each pair came with a matching sleep mask which I thought was a really nice touch (but then I do like a sleep mask but they’re not for everyone).  The only problem is that there isn’t a Victoria’s Secret near me and if you order online then you have to wait while they are shipped from America but in my opinion they are worth the wait.

If you prefer something a bit prettier and more colourful for the spring then I spotted these in Marks & Spencer‘s new collection and fell in love!  They are so soft and feminine and I love the cross-over detail of the back.  The silky fabric feels luxurious but lightweight.  They are definitely on my want list.  But if you prefer something a bit plainer then Marks & Spencer also have some lovely jersey pyjama sets that would be great for relaxing around the house in during the evening (or daytime even – I won’t tell if you don’t).  I love the jersey fabric and the addition of the sheer fabric around the bottom that just make them more interesting and slightly more girly.  And also at the moment they have some similar styles in the sale so if you get a chance to get to your local store then it’s worth a look.  I picked up a lovely stripey long sleeved pair in my local store.

The Ted Baker collection at Debenhams is another great place to find some really cute nightwear that again feels luxurious and feminine with a few unique touches like pleated sheer panels at the back and lots of mix and match items as well as big bold prints.


Now if you like your pyjamas a little smaller then the shorts sets are just arriving into stores now as retailers are bringing in their sprin/summer collections.  Matalan have produced a lovely collaboration with Julien McDonald and released a whole range of nightwear which include this striking little set.  And Next never fail to disappoint on the nightwear front and have their own range of little shorts sets for those of us ready to bring our legs out of the safety of long trousers and bare a bit more flesh (not sure I’m quite ready yet to be honest).

Now I couldn’t talk about pyjamas without touching on nightwear for the little people in our lives.  I have to confess that my older girls are not that into pyjamas.  One loves her nightdresses and the other one lives in a onesie but sleeps in her underwear.  But not one to be that easily defeated I regularly try to bring them around to my way of thinking by buying them a pair of pyjamas or two.  But as 6 year olds who are developing their own sense of (often questionable) style we picked some favourites out together.

At the moment they have cottoned on to the shopkins craze so anything shopkins is a winner in their book so of course these pyjamas from George at Asda are high on the list.


Isabella is my nightdress wearer and for her the Frozen phenomen is still very much alive and kicking so this cute little nightdress, also from Asda, is one for her.


Amelie is a little more tomboyish and prefers the shorts sets and loved these bright ones from Boden.

And finally mummy’s pick…… a mum of twins you can’t beat a twin pack!  Next do lots of lovely packs of pyjamas but these are my favourites right now, I love the little knotted tops.


So whether you’re covering up or bearing your flesh, wearing stripes or opting for florals, whether you are drawing your curtains before you don your pjs or are proudly showing them to all on the school run, make sure you pick a comfortable pair and I wish you sweet dreams.

Kelly xx


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