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Ok I have to start by confessing that this is a complete change from my originally planned blog this week which was intended to be about new arrivals for spring – I’m a classic procrastinator!  However, yesterday I decided to go into town and see what delights the shops have got in for spring and share some of my favourites with you.  However, from the first shop I visited (Marks & Spencer – Sssh I only popped in there to use their baby changing facilities) I was totally distracted by some of the bargains to be had in the sale.  I was a bit surprised to find that so many shops had mid season sales on as I thought we were still getting over the Christmas sales but hey, I’m not complaining as there were bargains to be had.

So I’ll start with Marks & Spencer and these gorgeous shoes which are a great sale bargain but also perfect for Spring.  I do love a flat shoe these days (oh dear, that’s a practical mum statement) and these shoes are also pretty and elegant so I can still look fairly chic whilst being comfortable.  They were also available in black but I decided to tear myself away from my comfort zone (I have a wardrobe full of black shoes) and go for these neutral beauties as they were the ones that first caught my eye.  They look great with skinny jeans and the neutral colour should go with a whole heap of things in my wardrobe.  Unfortunately they don’t seem to be up on the M&S website but you may be lucky enough to find them in your local store for the bargain price of £25.  I did also pick up a lovely pair of pyjamas too but I’ll share those with you later as my next blog is going to be all about nightwear and loungewear – cue the big debate on wearing your pyjamas on the school run.


So next stop was H&M, a shop I could literally spend hours in going between the women’s, girls’ and baby departments!  They always seem to have lots of new items every time I go in there so I could never get bored.  But anyway, back to the sales……..I have to say their sale section wasn’t huge and I couldn’t check out the bargains in the children’s sale as the lift was broken (why do retailers always put baby/children’s wear upstairs forcing pushchair pushing mums to traipse all around the store searching for the lift?!) but I still came across a few good finds.  This cute pink jumper is one of my favourite colours this season and was reduced to just £10.  It’s one of those oversized jumpers so great for those days when you’re not feeling your usual super-model self and don’t want anything too clingy but the colour of this one still gives it a nice feminine feel.  I then stumbled across this necklace that matched perfectly and was a mere £4.  A great smart/casual combo!  I did also pick up this black fringed jumper which I have eyed up a few times before but couldn’t resist when I found it in the sale. I love black and I love things that are a little bit quirky so this top fits the bill and there are other colours available.  I paid £15 but have since found it online for just £8.

The last shop I had a real good look around was Topshop.  It’s a shop that I thought I’d grown too old for and therefore haven’t been a regular visitor to, however, I’ve started to venture back in there again as I think their offering has really diversified.  It’s not just aimed at teens and students and super skinny twenty somethings that are willing to bare their tiny midriffs, there were things for normal, not so skinny and slightly more mature women so I was thrilled.  Their range is still always bang on trend but caters for a much broader customer base than I thought.  And I’m glad I did venture in there as I picked up this striped dress for just £15.  I love the stripes (those stripes seem to be sticking around for another season) and although it’s a stretchy material, the way the fabric twists at the sides makes it much more flattering and makes me far less self-conscious.  And I couldn’t leave without checking out the shoe department and picked up these ankle boots for £35.  I’d been looking for a pair of plain black boots with a slight heel and slightly pointed toe for a while so hoorah, result!  Great with skirts and tights.  Again, I can’t find these online but I think like often is the case with sales, you need to get down to your local highstreet and have a mooch to find the best bargains.  So chuck in some black tights and this makes a great little outfit.

Now I couldn’t write about the sales without mentioning Warehouse.  I love a good rummage in the Warehouse sales but this week their best sale items were things I had already bought at full price and it’s these super cute bib blouses.  I have it in both black and white and I love them.  They also do it in navy with white polka dots but I thought buying all three might be a bit excessive.  They are really pretty and comfortable and look lovely with skinny jeans, flared jeans, leather skirt, denim skirt, under a little statement jacket………you get the picture – a real wardrobe staple for me now.

I’ve only mentioned a few of the stores that I went into but there most shops have a mid-season sale on right now.  So as you can see, it’s well worth heading down to your highstreet and checking out what they have on offer and treating yourself to a bargain or two (or three…..or four….).  Happy shopping!

Kelly xx

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